tykn digital identity management system

Why we did a rebrand

Refugees are the first to suffer the problems of the current identity management systems: siloed, inefficient and paper-based infrastructures.

Without portable, private and secure identities they become even more vulnerable, losing access to basic human rights such as education or healthcare and becoming in danger of trafficking, slavery and sexual exploitation.

Because of these outdated systems, NGOs worldwide carry the burden of unnecessary duplication of identity registrations, costly personal data management and lack of privacy in sharing personal details of aid beneficiaries. Taking their time and money from what they want to focus on: helping people.

Digital Identities are inevitable.

Digital Identities are portable, allowing users to prove and verify their identity globally, and greatly reduce data management costs for organisations. But being digital is not enough. Digital Identities also need to be private and secure.

Since 2017, more than 600 million personal details were breached, leaked or hacked from hotels, banks or even pet stores. Much of this data was either sold to scammers or used to order stolen goods on internet.

Your personal information – such as name, address and credit card details – can be misused, putting you in financial trouble. But if refugees’ data gets leaked their life may be in danger.

Our new colours: a bold black, a calming white, a trustful turquoise, an innovative purple and an activating yellow.

Our innovative digital identity solution will help public and private institutions validate the existence of millions of people. Making sure digital identities are portable, private and secure and protecting people’s access to their human rights. Because people matter.

This is why we needed a new brand identity. One that reflected the humanity in our vision and mission. That accurately portrayed why we are doing this and showed that we are more than a tech company.

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