Control the permissions of how your data is shared

Decentralized ID Wallets, Verifiable Credentials and Blockchain are the technologies that will enable your users to use Single Sign On while keeping ownership of their data. Tykn’s REST APIs automatically handle all that for you.

Tykn's Web-based Verifiable Credentials Wallet

Verifiable Credentials

When you integrate Tykn’s APIs your system will be able to convert any user credentials – from a simple email address to an entire passport – into Verifiable Credentials

Verifiable Credentials are tamper-proof JSON files. Encrypted at rest with ChaCha20 and Poly1305 for the utmost security.

These Credentials are only stored in the users’ ID Wallets and their authenticity is verifiable on the blockchain. Verifiable Credentials are a W3C standard created to bring trust to identity and access management.

Through Tykn’s REST APIs you will:

  • Issue Verifiable Credentials from your existing system.
  • Request Credentials and ID proofs.
  • Instantly verify their authenticity on the blockchain and authenticate users.
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How does Tykn use blockchain?


When you want to verify or authenticate a user, Tykn’s APIs automatically check the blockchain to confirm the authenticity of the user’s credentials. The decentralized and immutable nature of blockchain is what allows Verifiable Credentials to be verifiable anywhere, at any time, without the need to be connected with the credential issuer.

Verifiable Credentials are only stored in the users’ ID Wallets. No Personally Identifiable Information is stored on a blockchain. What is stored on the blockchain is the public cryptographic signature (a DID) of the organisation who issued a credential. Our system instantly checks this “signature” to know if it can trust the source of the credential and its authenticity.

Tykn uses Hyperledger Indy, a public permissioned blockchain created by the Linux Foundation and purposefully built for Identity use-cases.

The Web Wallet

We’re fighting for a future where big corporations cannot use and abuse your data. That’s why we created a decentralized identity & authentication platform.

The Web Wallet is where your users’ ID & Access Credentials are stored. It’s a personal cloud vault that can only be accessed and managed by the user.

Only the users can decrypt the data. Only they decide who the data gets shared with and what data is shared. You and your whitelisted partners can authenticate and request the data directly from the users. Users can share it with two clicks.

Consent is baked right into the heart of the Web Wallet.

Tykn's Web Wallet Example - Covid Test

Mobile Wallet:
Coming soon!

Tykn’s Mobile SDK creates a decentralized identity wallet inside your app. This is where your users will store their ID & Access Credentials. No Personally Identifiable Information will be stored on your servers or the cloud. Only in the users’ apps.

SDK will be available in React Native.

Trusted by the UNDP in Turkey

”Tykn's solution, the Digital Wallet, could facilitate and accelerate work permit and approval processes for refugee entrepreneurs by keeping all verified documents in one place. The Digital Wallet is certainly a tool to benefit when minimizing the manual verification processes of documents issued by multiple stakeholders.”

United Nations Development Programme


Tykn Web Wallet API Documentation

API Documentation

The Tykn REST API lets you interact with and manage web-based Verifiable Credential wallets.

Tykn Web Wallet Demo

Product Demo [Video]

Tykn’s Product Lead, Bryan, demonstrates the Web Wallet.

Tykn Web Wallet Architecture

The Web Wallet's Architecture

This guide explains the flow of issuance and verification of Verifiable Credentials using Tykn’s REST API.

Why Tykn

Proven Solution

Our technology is trusted by organisations such as The United Nations Development Programme and the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Your Own Branding

Whitelabel the Web Wallet and make it yours.

Interoperable & No Vendor Lock-in

All our technology is open-source and based on W3C standards (the same people that brought us the url standard).

Start For Free

Start building. No credit card required.

  • 100 Web Wallets included.
  • Unlimited issuance and verification of Verifiable Credentials.
  • Enable passwordless auth with unlimited logins.