The first Web-based Verifiable Credentials Wallet

Easily integrate a Verifiable Credentials wallet into your existing user journeys without the need for your users to download a mobile app.

  • Empower your users to be trusted across any platform.
  • Instantly comply with privacy regulations.
  • Quickest and most private way to authenticate your users.
  • Data is encrypted and fully controlled by the user.
Tykn's Web-based Verifiable Credentials Wallet

Join world leading organisations that use Tykn's REST APIs to verify and authenticate their users

Empower your users to be trusted across any platform

How can you be sure that the person you are interacting with is who they claim to be? Tykn built the easiest way to make any digital credentials become tamper-proof and verifiable anywhere, at any time.

Through one simple REST API you can:

  • Issue Verifiable Credentials from your existing system.
  • Create web-based identity wallets where your users will hold their credentials.
  • Verify credentials and request identity proofs.

Your users will be able to identify themselves to you, your partner organisations and to other users in the most secure, private and trustworthy manner.

Tykn Web Wallet University Degree
Tykn's Web Wallet Example - Covid Test

Instantly comply with privacy regulations

Before Tykn, you had to store a copy of your user’s credentials and PII. This increased your data management costs and the risk of infringing privacy regulations.

Not anymore.

  • Tykn’s Web Wallet system uses advanced cryptography to ‘watermark’ the credentials you issue. Making them tamper-proof.
  • Users store those credentials, fully encrypted, in a personal cloud vault that can only be accessed and managed by the user.
  • The B-word. When a user presents a credential, the verifier can instantly check the blockchain to confirm the credential’s cryptographic watermark and verify the credentials’ authenticity. All without the need to ever contact the issuing party (you).

This way you can process and verify your user’s PII without the need to store it.

Two-tap user authentication

Services like Sign-in with Facebook/Google lack privacy. A 3rd party owns your users data and tracks their online interactions for their financial benefit.

The Web Wallet can be easily added to your website or app for secure two-tap authentication. It’s the quickest and most private way to authenticate your users.

  • Your user’s verified data is encrypted at rest and securely stored in a cloud vault.
  • Only the users can decrypt the data. Only they decide who the data gets shared with and what data is shared.
  • You and your whitelisted partners can request the data directly from the users. Users can share it with two taps on their phones.

Consent is baked right into the heart of the Web Wallet. Ensuring you’re compliant with privacy regulations.

Fully Flexible

Tykn has more than 4 years of experience helping clients build and deploy custom decentralized identity solutions. From startups to governments to international NGOs.

Join us for a free consultation so that our team can better understand your needs and advise you on what options are best for your business. 

  • Designed for 3rd party integrations. Such as ID & Document Verification tools.
  • Create custom user journeys.
  • Whitelabel option.
  • 2FA.


Tykn Web Wallet Demo

Product Demo [Video]

Tykn’s Product Lead, Bryan, demonstrates the Web Wallet.

Tykn Web Wallet Architecture

The Web Wallet's Architecture

This guide explains the flow of issuance and verification of Verifiable Credentials using Tykn’s REST API.

Tykn Web Wallet API Documentation

API Documentation

The Tykn REST API lets you interact with and manage web-based Verifiable Credential wallets.

Why Tykn

Quick Implementation

Launching a Decentralized Identity-based product is difficult. Taking up to 6 months just to onboard developers to the technology. We built all the components you need so you don’t have to.

Proven Solution

Our technology is trusted by organisations such as The United Nations Development Programme and the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Don't Worry About The Code

No dedicated dev team? No problem! Tykn built everything you need so that you can just focus on your users’ experience.

Interoperable & No Vendor Lock-in

All our technology is open-source and based on W3C standards (the same people that brought us the url standard).

Expert Support

Our team has more than 5 years of Decentralized Identity experience. We’re here for you to stand on our shoulders!

Your Own Branding

Whitelabel the Web Wallet and make it yours.