Blockchain literacy is fundamental for adoption and we aim to share our knowledge to expedite this process responsibly.

Tykn Workshops

Are you in need of tailor-made workshops in order to better gain an understanding so that you may apply it? We have a modular workshop system where we can discuss several sub-topics (we currently have 8) in order to ensure that our workshop addresses your needs. We are flexible in this and can provide an overview of the types of modules at your convenience. We invite you to take a look at our different educational packages and feel free to contact us for any information!

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Are you looking for Masterclasses?

We also provide deep-dives in the form of Masterclasses for those who have very specific needs and wants. We provide these Masterclasses on a monthly basis inviting worldwide experts to join our group to provide the necessary in-depth knowledge so that attendees are able to directly apply this knowledge. The topics will be predetermined by Tykn so we recommend you to take a look at the agenda to find out when your topic of interest will be discussed.

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We are very open for suggestions so if you feel that your topic is not covered any time soon, please feel free to contact us at: