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Tykn Wins “Best ICO” at the Blockchain Innovation Conference!

It has now been a week since the Blockchain Innovation Conference 2018, and we are still equal parts ecstatic and humbled for having been allowed to receive this award, and from such a prominent member of the Dutch Royal family no less! As special ambassador of Startup Delta, an initiative of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs to support Dutch startups, Prince Constantijn of Orange-Nassau was the presenter of this year’s first place award, and in handing over the prize, he called Tykn an “example to Dutch startups”. What an honour!

Left to right: Katja Bouman (Mathematician & Back-end Developer), Khalid Maliki (COO & Co-founder), Tey Al-Rjula (CEO & Co-founder), and HRH Prince Constantijn of Orange-Nassau.

This fifth iteration of the BIC was held at the headquarters of Rabobank in Utrecht this year due to the overwhelming demand following last year’s edition. As part of this year’s event, themed “From Proof of Concepts to real world solutions”, an ICO competition was held, where a commission of 7 ICO veterans judged 7 selected Dutch ICOs, being: Attrace: affiliate marketing on the Blockchain; Trustier: a tool to measure, share and transfer trust; Careerchain: open industry standard for sharing career histories; Mijn Vastgoed: Real Estate investments for everyone; Fissacoin: a party coin for large events; iCasting: putting talents and clients in control of their transactions, and last but not least of course: Tykn: The Future of Resilient Identity!

Adding to his previous statement, the Prince stated: “If I am to be standing on stage at the Blockchain Innovation Conference again next year, I hope Tykn will have made a great impact on people in need”. Since we will be heading to St. Martin in September with the 510 Data Team of The Netherlands Red Cross to integrate and test Tykn’s distributed identity attestation system “Ana” for The Netherlands Red Cross’ Cash Based Assistance project there, we are confident to make this come true!

We believe Blockchain technology can have a huge impact in the identity management industry. To know why, click here.

Tykn is a digital identity company.

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