The Turkish Government & The UNDP are Piloting Tykn's Self-Sovereign Identity Platform.

The Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs is piloting Tykn’s digital identity platform to optimise and speed up the process of issuing Work Permit documentation for refugees. Tykn leverages the innovative Self-Sovereign Identity technology that makes digital documents become tamper-proof and verifiable anywhere, at any time. Turkey wants to increase the opportunities for the 3 million refugees in the country to become financially independent.

Making Refugee Lives Easier

``This application will make people's lives easier. There is no need to lose time going to too many institutes. Instead of going there you'll save the time and do it where you are.``

Abida (alias), a Syrian refugee entrepreneur.

Increasing refugee employability and financial independence.

In Turkey, entrepreneurs need to complete a Work Permit application in order to hire refugees. This process has historically been lengthy and paper-based. Using Tykn’s platform, the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce can issue a digital proof, a Verifiable Credential, to the entrepreneurs attesting that they have a registered business.

The entrepreneurs can then store these credentials in their digital identity wallet. Without leaving the app, the entrepreneurs can start a Work Permit application and use their Verifiable Credentials to prove their ID and that they own a registered business. Applying for a Work Permit becomes simpler and faster. Just with a few taps.

Within the pilot, Turkey uses Self-Sovereign Identity technology to:

  • Make credentials tamper-proof and verifiable anywhere, at any time.
  • Establish a secure and encrypted digital connection between the Chamber of Commerce and the entrepreneur. Not even we can see what is exchanged between them.
  • Optimise legacy processes by reducing friction within the Work Permit application & Business Ownership Attestation systems.
Optimising Processes

``Work permit is key to access to the social protection and decent working conditions for refugees in Turkey. Through the SDG Impact Accelerator Program (SDGia) Tykn has created an application that aims at reducing paperwork and manual verification processes conducted during work permit applications. Tykn's solution, the Digital Wallet, could facilitate and accelerate work permit and approval processes for refugee entrepreneurs by keeping all verified documents in one place. The Digital Wallet is certainly a tool to benefit when minimizing the manual verification processes of documents issued by multiple stakeholders.``

United Nations Development Programme

Impact Acceleration

The project was initiated by the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) within the first Sustainable Development Goals Impact Accelerator (SDGia), where Tykn is developing the technology and the INGEV Foundation is the implementing partner on the ground. TÜBİTAK, World Food Programme (WFP), Istanbul Chamber of Commerce and Istanbul Chamber of Industry are also collaborating in this pilot.

Impacting Lives

``Tykn was one of SDGia’s best teams with their dedication to create an impact in the lives of refugees. Representing the first batch of SDGia alumni, Tykn joined us in a spotlight event at the Global Refugee Forum in Geneva. They were also one of the first graduates to finish their implementation. We believe they will succeed in scaling up their business and replicate their solutions in different contexts.``

Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Why implement SSI?

  • Connect user databases without the need to build direct integrations. Giving your users instant access to service providers running on unconnected systems.
  • Digitise paperwork. Optimise admin work by making the issuing and verification of official documents become digital and quick!
  • Process personal data without storing it. Ensuring compliance with privacy regulations.