Senior Solidity Developer
About the role:

Tykn is looking to hire a Senior Solidity Developer to accelerate the scaling of the company! 

Do you have a proven track record in solidity smart-contracts development and are looking for a new challenge? Look no further!

Responsibilities Requirements
  • – The (re)evaluation and (re)design of the system architecture, which is based on Solidity smart contracts.
  • – Ensure the validity of the system by testing the code.
  • – Ensure resiliency, privacy and upgradeability in the code that is built.
  • – Work within Agile and DevOps frameworks.
  • – Guide in the alignment with overall architecture design together with the rest of the technical team.
  • – Assist in bug-fixes and other problem-solving processes.
  • – Provide detailed technical information at e.g. conferences or meet-ups
  • – In-depth understanding of Blockchain technology
  • – 2+ years experience in developing Ethereum smart contracts written in Solidity.
  • – High level of experience of working in Agile projects with highly automated DevOps.
  • – Experience in system testing
  • – Experience in collaborating with User Interface developers.
  • – Experience in incident and problem resolution in production environments.
  • – Enthusiasm for working in a space full of unknowns, pivoting as needed, and being comfortable with not knowing the end state is a must.
  • – Teamwork, flexibility, initiative, communication and organisation competencies are required.
  • – Experience of full-stack development, especially with Angular and Node, is an advantage.

We offer:

A friendly and modern workplace in the center of the city of Leiden, The Netherlands. The office building houses various amenities, including a gym, wellness area and swimming pool overlooking the city. We work with one of the largest NGOs in the world, creating the impact needed in the identity space for social and economic inclusion. You will be working with dynamic professionals and ego-free team players who value taking initiative and spearheading development processes. You can count on a competitive salary, creative freedom, and plenty of ways to increase your skills in an inspiring international environment. We also always have international events and trips planned throughout Europe, the U.S. and MENA region, where the team is usually present. We are impacting the lives of billions of people, hence changing the meaning of being a “billionaire”!

So are you the next Solidity Dev. Billionaire? Please apply by emailing your resume with cover letter to:

Note: this position requires you to be on location Monday to Friday at least for part of the day to make sure everything is handled. This is not a remote role.


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