The Mobile Wallet Demo

Tykn’s Mobile SDK (coming soon!) will let you quickly integrate decentralized identity tech into your app. The Issuer & Verifier Web Portal and Mobile Wallet App you see in this demo are “off-the-shelf” components you can whitelabel if you prefer a no-integration approach.

1. How to create a Schema

Bryan, our Product Lead, demonstrates how to create a Schema before issuing a Verifiable Credential. A Schema is a template outlining the verified data you can issue to your users.

Use-case: A University wants to issue a diploma, as a Verifiable Credential, to a student. First, they need to create a Schema.

2. How to issue a Verifiable Credential

The University is now ready to issue the Verifiable Credential. Bryan also demonstrates how the student would receive that credential using our “off-the-shelf” Mobile Wallet.

3. How to verify a Verifiable Credential

A Verification Service is used to request Verifiable Credentials from a user.

The student who previously received the Diploma wants to apply for a Work Permit. The Visa Services Provider needs to create a Verification Service to be able to request the verified data needed for a Work Permit application.

4. How to use a Verifiable Credential to access a service

Bryan demonstrates how the student will use the Diploma and ID credentials to apply for a Work Permit without leaving the Mobile Wallet.