A library of Tykn’s demos.

You can also read about the Web Wallet’s Architecture.

The Web Wallet

Product Demo with Tykn's Product Lead, Bryan.

  • Why Tykn developed the Web Wallet.
  • Differences between the Mobile & Web Wallets.
  • Web Wallet Walkthrough.
A demo of Tykn's Decentralized Identity system

The Mobile Wallet

Product Demo with Tykn's Product Lead, Bryan.

Bryan uses Tykn’s off-the-shelf Issuer & Verifier Web Portal and Mobile Wallet App to:

  • Create a Schema.
  • Issue and verify a Verifiable Credential.
  • Use a credential to access a service.

More product demos coming soon!

How to implement decentralized identity?

Tykn built a decentralized identity verification and authentication product suite. Fully customizable to suit your needs. Optimised for a quick implementation.

  • Mobile or Web Wallet where your users will store their Verifiable Credentials.
  • APIs or Web Portal to issue & manage credentials.
  • No developer team? No problem. We can help.