A library of Tykn’s demos, presentations and guides.

The Web Wallet

Product Demo with Tykn's Product Lead, Bryan.

  • Why Tykn developed the Web Wallet.
  • Differences between the Mobile & Web Wallets.
  • Web Wallet Walkthrough.

NFTs Vs Verifiable Credentials

On-demand webinar with Jimmy and Bryan

Could NFTs be used for identity and/or access management?

  • The differences between Verifiable Credentials and NFTs.
  • What are they used for and what could they be used for?
  • Where could the two converge?

Tykn's SSI implementation in Turkey

In this video, our COO, Khalid, gives an overview of Tykn’s Self-Sovereign Identity implementation in Turkey to government officials.

Introducing SSI

Jimmy, Tykn’s CEO, recently gave a remote talk at The North American Bitcoin Conference. Introducing the audience to Self-Sovereign Identity.

self-sovereign identity

The Ultimate Beginners Guide to SSI

This in-depth article covers everything you need to know to get started on Self-Sovereign Identity.

Blockchain Identity Management: The Definitive Guide

Our expert team wrote this in-depth article covering everything you need to know to get about Identity Management with Blockchain.

The only SSI Product Suite custom built for you.

We’ll customise our proven SSI components so that you can quickly launch an SSI-based product that suits your needs.

  • Issue and verify digital tamper-proof data using APIs or a Web Portal.
  • Mobile or Web Wallet to store data and instantly connect to service providers.
  • Custom 3rd party integrations for ID & Document Verification, and more.