Upcoming Events

We often have many events lined up, so find out where you can catch us present and come meet the Tykn team!

Geneva Annual Blockchain Congress

``This high-level gathering will address substantive questions related to the blockchain universe, such as legality, governance and ethics. By passing the perspectives of application of this next technology revolution from shadow to light (i.e.: from the laboratory to the market), the Geneva Annual Blockchain Congress shall enable the whole region’s ecosystem to be enhanced at the political, academic and economic levels.``

Sovrin London Meetup

``Hosted by Evernym, this is the second in a series of community-driven meetups and workshops in the UK to explore and discuss Sovrin and Self Sovereign Identity (SSI).
In this new year meetup we will be discussing the latest SSI initiatives happening right here in the UK, with talks from global leaders developing cutting-edge solutions based on Sovrin.
As usual, subject matter experts will be on hand to answer questions and there will be drinks and pizza from 6pm.``