29 Dutch Digital Identity people and organisations you should follow

The Netherlands is one of the countries on the forefront of Digital Identity initiatives. Whether through governmental or private endeavours there are exciting developments happening in this space as we speak.

We, ourselves, are based in The Netherlands. Our expertise in digital identity technologies has led us to run multiple on-going pilots with a major international NGO and to working with the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, winning awards by The Chivas Venture, the Blockchain Innovation Conference, The Spindle Innovation and more.

To make life easier for you, we compiled a list of Dutch people and organisations you definitely should follow if you’re interested in Digital Identity, Self-Sovereign Identity and Blockchain.

Michiel van der Veen
Director Innovation & Development at the National Office for Identity Data

Marloes Pomp
Project manager of Blockchain & AI experiments within Dutch Government

Raymond Alexander
Manager VNG Realisatie

Gerdine Keijzer
Managing Director at DICTU

Ger Baron
Chief Technology Officer at City of Amsterdam

André de Kok
Researcher at the National Office for Identity Data

David Lamers
Blockchain Specialist at Rabobank

Giulietta Marani
Coordinator and Program Manager at ICTU

Rhodia Maas
Managing Director at the National Office of Identity Data

Jeroen van Megchelen
CTO at Ledger Leopard

M. Oskar van Deventer
Senior Scientist Blockchain Networking at TNO Companies

Djuri Baars
Lead Blockchain Team at Rabobank

Fons Knopjes
Senior Research and Development Advisor at the National Office for Identity Data

Betty Feenstra
Head of Department at the Ministry of the Interior

Aik van Eemeren
Program Manager of Innovation in the City of Amsterdam

Stefan Koreneef
Coordinator Digital Economy EU & Global policy at Ministry of Economic Affairs & Climate

Koen Hartog
Program Manager Blockchain & AI for Governmental Organizations

Jacob Boersma
Senior Manager of Blockchain team at Deloitte

Anna van der Leeuw
Senior Professional Support Lawyer Data & Tech at Allen & Overy

Marcel Wendt
CTO & Founder Digidentity

Dutch Organisations involved in Digital Identity

National Office for Identity Data




Ministry of the Interior


Dutch Blockchain Coalition

Digital Trust Center


Tykn is a digital identity company.

If you’re keen on reading more we suggest this Definitive Guide on Identity Management with Blockchain and the Ultimate Beginners Guide to Self-Sovereign Identity.