23 Canadian Digital Identity people and organisations you should follow

Canada is one of the countries on the forefront of Digital Identity initiatives. Whether through governmental or private endeavours there are exciting developments happening in this space as we speak.

To make life easier for you, we compiled a list of Canadian people and organisations you definitely should follow if you’re interested in Digital Identity, Self-Sovereign Identity and Blockchain.

Joni Brennan
President of the Digital ID & Authentication Council of Canada (DIACC)

Tim Bouma
Senior Policy Analyst for Identity Management at Treasury Board Secretariat of the Government of Canada

John Jordan
Executive Director, Emerging Digital Initiatives, Province of British Columbia

Mike Brown
Director of Product Innovation at ATB Financial

Darrell O'Donnell
CTO at CULedger

Stephen Curran
Technical Architect and DevOps Specialist on the BC Government's Open Source Verifiable Organizations Network

Teresa D'Andrea
Director GC Digital Exchange at Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat

Ken McMillan
Acting Director, Digital Identity at Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat, and co-chair of DIACC’s Trust Framework Expert Committee (TFEC)

Melissa Teasdale
Executive Director, Digital Service Directorate

Imraan Bashir
Executive Director, Cyber Security & Digital Identity at Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat

Allan Foster
DIACC Director and VP of Global Partner Success at ForgeRock

Patrick Cormier
Vice-President of Digital Transformation at Notarius, and Chair of DIACC’s Innovation Expert Committee (IEC)

Marc Brouillard
Chief Technology Officer for the Government of Canada

Stevan Lewis
Senior Vice-President of Digital Transformation at Sun Life Financial

Chris Raczkowski
CEO & Director of Lynx Ltd

Charles Eckert
National Lead, IAM and Digital Identity at PwC Canada

Andre Boysen
Chief Identity Officer at SecureKey

Canadian Organisations involved in Digital Identity

Alberta Credentials Ecosystem

The Verifiable Organizations Network

Digital ID & Authentication Council of Canada

Identity North



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