Dr. Moe Levin Joins Tykn as Strategic Advisor

We are extremely proud to announce the addition of Dr. Moe Levin to our board of strategic advisors. Although he requires little introduction, Dr. Levin is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Keynote, which organises events that lay emphasis on actionable innovations and technologies that add value to our everyday lives.

He is an investor in high-tech startups, advisor to governments, regulators, banks and venture-backed companies, such as Tykn. He is currently part of The Global Blockchain Council in Dubai (2015 – present) and Co-Founder of the first accredited Blockchain Academy. He is an early investor in RSK Labs, Labfresh and Dropbox and responsible for launching his own venture-backed startup in Europe which raised $30m from Richard Branson, Index Ventures and others.

“Fundamentally, one of the big aims of Blockchain technology is the ability to have a record of all information in a hyper-efficient and accessible way. Banking, remittances, and supply chain optimisation has seen the tremendous benefit that implementing this technology brings. To me, even more important is the ability to document the undocumented, to give an identity to those that need it the most, and include the excluded. With this in mind, Tykn has positioned itself as a leader in the space and I have no doubt that the team will continue to be successful in their noble goals of creating a world without borders, barriers, or undocumented people.”

Tykn digital identity management

Tykn as new Founding Steward of Sovrin’s Trust Framework

Tykn can proudly announce the position of Founding Steward in the Sovrin Network, world’s first self-sovereign identity (SSI) network. The Sovrin Foundation is a private-sector non-profit that works internationally in the realm of human digital governance by setting up a trust framework necessary to ensure the integrity of the network.

Tykn has overlapping values in regard to a transparent, diffused and neutral trust framework. The Sovrin network is a permission-based network, and the infrastructure for consensus in regard to identity transactions is provided by permissioned stewards who work independently, running their nodes on the network. With the combination of a network of independent stewards and the infrastructure of the blockchain, a system of checks and balances is set-up in which trust is earned by actions within the network.

The Tykn Team aims to provide the tools to connect with the Sovrin Network as independent Founding Stewards and with this the tools to safeguard identity.

Tykn is a digital identity company. If you’re keen on reading more we suggest this Definitive Guide on Identity Management with Blockchain and the Ultimate Beginners Guide to Self-Sovereign Identity.