Verified identity means faster access to services.

The Ana platform enables organisations to easily issue and verify digital credentials. Privately and securely.

For Users

One-click access to services. Our native iOS & Android app allows users to prove their identity, without sharing personal details!

For Issuers

An intuitive dashboard to issue & verify cryptographically tamper-proof credentials with ease. Protecting your user's personal data and showing them that you care.

For Verifiers

Frictionless on-boarding of verified users without data management head aches. Ana will make physical ID verifications a thing of the past!

Tamper-proof digital identities. Made easy.

Ana's dashboard allows you to start issuing and verifying users' credentials in two clicks. We use Self-Sovereign Identity technology to make it the most private and secure way to manage your user's personal data.

For organisations who care about their users' privacy.

With Selective Identity Technology users manage & control who sees what about them with one click.

No more critical personal data stored in unsecured databases. No more risk of leaks, breaches or hacks. No more data management head aches.

Always Verifiable.

Ana uses DIDs, Verifiable Credentials and Blockchain technology to ensure credentials are verifiable anywhere, at any time. Even if you are not around anymore (or us!).

And, of course, no personal information is ever written to a blockchain.

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