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2018. Tykn’s Best Year Yet.

2018 was honestly Tykn’s best year yet. The product we have been working so hard on is finally in use (but it’s a secret, so we can’t talk about it just yet!) and the global movement we kickstarted to make sure identities are private and secure is growing faster and stronger everyday.

Khalid, Tey and I talked about our highlights of the year, and here they are:

Jimmy J.P. Snoek

Photo Source: FONK Magazine

Note: If this reads like it’s come straight out of the press release, spoiler: spot on (because contracts).

In January, the 510 data team of the Netherlands Red Cross and Tykn.tech announced their cooperation at the North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami.

510 and Tykn.tech are researching how blockchain technology can make cash distributions both safer and more efficient. The use of blockchain can, among other things, reduce the logistical challenges where cash distributions are involved. This makes the situation safer for both Red Cross field staff and those affected by the disaster. The aim is to develop a system with a digital wallet that can be used to transfer money faster to those affected in a disaster area. With this money, those affected can purchase necessities like food, water and other relief goods.

The Antwerp Bid

The Municipality of Antwerp was looking into a Self-Sovereign Identity solution for their digital identity infrastructure. Making that procurement and competing with large corporations in this space was a great experience and a great test for the team.

Khalid Maliki

It was an honour winning the Blockchain Innovation Conference and receiving the award from the hands of His Royal Highness Prince Constantijn. The jury’s words fill us with gratitude and gives us even more strength to pursue our mission of making sure identities are private and secure. They said:

“The thing we really like about this idea is that they are not only leveraging blockchain to make some profit but actually to improve the world and make the world a better place. It really touched our hearts from a business perspective as well as from an ethical perspective”

United Nations

Another highlight from 2018 was mine’s and Jimmy’s presence at the United Nations. We had the chance to address different UN agencies and partners who are researching into innovative applications for distributed ledger technology and be part of a panel about the present and future of identity. It was amazing to see blockchain and identity getting so much spotlight on a stage as big as the United Nations.

Tey Al-Rjula

Definitely winning The Chivas Venture Award Netherlands. And on the International Day of Human Rights of all days. The Chivas Venture is a competition that awards start ups who are working to make an impact in the world. Tykn was among the five Dutch finalists and we won! The Jury unanimously voted on Tykn as the winner of the Chivas Ventures NL, based on the criteria of social impact createdscalabilitybusiness-model, and financials.

I feel that all the nominees should be winners. Because we are all working for a better future. A sustainable future with less garbage, clean air, and most importantly for me as the founder of Tykn: a low barrier to identity. An identity that is inclusive to all. Portable, private and secure.

But most importantly…

…we all feel that we are growing a great team and each day closer and closer to our goal. That’s the biggest prize or highlight of all.

Thank you

To all the amazing people that support us in this journey everyday. We will work harder than ever to make you proud.

Tykn is a digital identity company. We just launched Ana, a digital identity management platform that allows organisations to issue tamper-proof digital credentials which are verifiable anywhere, at any time.

If you’re keen on reading more we suggest this Definitive Guide on Identity Management with Blockchain and the Ultimate Beginners Guide to Self-Sovereign Identity.

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