Identity becomes portable, private and secure.

Tykn's identity and access management system allows public and private institutions to issue and verify digital identity credentials.

An innovative way to share and request personal data proofs.

Users are provided with an app, a digital identity wallet, that works on every mobile device and allows them to digitally access services from those institutions in a private and secure manner.

tykn digital identity management system


Providing tools across several industries


A cost-saving solution to facilitate digital transformation and end duplication of records. Efficient and secure.


Identity authentication & proofing, providing access to services without personal data management. Fully GDPR compliant.


Optimize the efficiency of aid expedition and identification processes.


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We often have many events lined up, so find out where you can catch us present and come meet the Tykn team!

rock in rio tykn

Rock in Rio Innovation Week

RIR Innovation Week is a week long event focused on learning and transformation. Tykn's CEO was slated to speak at a panel but unfortunately, due to his refugee status and visa related issues, he won't be present. Francisco, Tykn's Marketing Director, will represent him at the panel.

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