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What We Do

At Tykn, we leverage distributed ledger technology to build electronic identity, authentication and trust services (eIDAS) tools for governments and NGOs, ensuring full compliance with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) to be imposed by May 25, 2018.

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Registration of Distributed Digital Identities

Registration and verification of your distributed digital identity through Tykn's Ana App. To be launched in Q3 of 2018.

Contribution of Free Software

Since we believe that sharing is caring, all our developed code is released as open and free software.

Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) Solutions

  • Empowering NGOs with tailor-made Blockchain tools.
  • Building & designing systems for the registration of birth certificates on a distributed ledger.
  • Reducing risk of fraud through systems of verifiable trust.

Meet-ups & Workshops

More involvement means faster development, so we regularly host meet-ups & workshops on Blockchain and Self-Sovereign Identity. Stay tuned for future sessions!


Providing tools across several industries


Empowering NGOs in attaining global financial and identity inclusion


GDPR-compliant digitisation of identity.


Private, secure and interoperable patient record systems.

Tykn Educate

Blockchain literacy is fundamental for adoption and we aim to share our knowledge to expedite this process responsibly. We work together with most inspiring experts around the world.


Tykn has multiple educational products addressing industry-wide topics. Select which package suits your needs. We accept payments in fiat and most cryptocurrencies.

(For the latter, please contact us at

Three hour session on a set topic
Once a month
Get in touch with high-level experts in the Blockchain industry
Deep-dive into a topic that matches your interest
Q&A to address your specific queries
Insight into industry-specific knowledge
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Full day session tailored to your needs
Upon request
Explore Blockchain principles for pre-specified topics
Industry-wide topics
Highly customisable training program matching your needs
Select two (or more) topics from our topic list
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Upcoming Events

We often have many events lined up, so find out where you can catch us present and come meet the Tykn team!