Tykn helps organisations validate the existence of millions of people. We are fighting for a future where everyone’s personal data is protected against hacks, leaks or breaches.
Protecting people’s access to their human rights.
Because people matter.

Identity becomes portable, private and secure.

Tykn's identity and access management system allows public and private institutions to issue and verify digital identity credentials.

An innovative way to share and request personal data proofs.

Users are provided with an app, a digital identity wallet, that works on every mobile device and allows them to digitally access services from those institutions in a private and secure manner.


Providing tools across several industries


A cost-saving solution to facilitate digital transformation and end duplication of records. Efficient and secure.


Identity authentication & proofing, providing access to services without personal data management. Fully GDPR compliant.


Optimize the efficiency of aid expedition and identification processes.


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We often have many events lined up, so find out where you can catch us present and come meet the Tykn team!

KNOW Identity Conference

``The KNOW Conference raises the bar for conversations around identity, Trust & Safety, connecting enterprises with solutions, innovators with policymakers, and visionaries with investors.``

Chivas Venture Global Final - TNW Conference 2019

The Next Web:
``Hosting the Chivas Venture Global Final on our main stage will help achieve the live-audience scale that comes with a massive tech conference: their best social startups, selected from more than 2,600 applications across 29 countries, will now get to pitch their product in front of an audience of the same size.
During the week of the Chivas Venture Global Final, Quarter and Semi-finals will take place in Amsterdam to narrow down to the top finalists who will pitch on our main stage, in a bid to win the lion’s share of Chivas’ $1million fund.``