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Social Login methods allow big corporations to track, target and correlate the online behaviour of your users. Tykn’s authentication platform allows your users to enjoy the convenience of Single Sign On while keeping control over their data. 

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Single Sign On
made private

Single Sign On is awesome. Users sign up once and are able to login to multiple websites across the web without having to sign up again. The problem is when the users’ access credentials are centralized and owned by social media corporations who profit from using that data.

Tykn decentralized SSO with blockchain tech.

From your users’ perspective nothing changes: it’s a 1-click login. But what’s happening in the background is amazing. When you integrate our APIs into your sign up flow your system will automatically create a Decentralized ID Wallet for each of your users. Access credentials are encrypted and only stored in each users’ ID Wallet. Only the user can access and decrypt it. If a third party wants to access and use their data they need to ping the user and ask for consent. 

Verify any data without having to store it.

Other authentication solutions can only verify email address and phone numbers. After you integrate with Tykn’s APIs your system will be able to verify any user credentials. From a simple email address to an entire passport.

But storing sensitive personal data increases your data management costs and the risk of infringing privacy regulations. Tykn allows you to verify and authenticate any user data without having to store it on your systems. Tykn’s APIs automatically create a Decentralized ID Wallet for each of your users where their data is stored. Users store their own data.

Go passwordless.

80% of hacks are caused by stolen credentials. Passwords suck. Reusing them is dangerous. Keeping them safe is hard.

Removing passwords from your login process increases authentication security and improves the user experience by removing friction.

After you integrate with Tykn your users will be able to login with one click. In the background your system will ask the users’ Decentralized ID Wallet for the required login credentials. It all happens in a fraction of a second. The result? Secure and instant authentication.

Decentralized ID & Authentication

In the Web2 world, companies store all their users’ data in centralized servers. In Web3, users manage their own data. When you integrate with Tykn you’re giving your users the power to own their data.

Each user has a Decentralized ID Wallet. User ID & Access credentials are converted into Verifiable Credentials and only stored in the users’ ID Wallets. Only the users can decrypt the data. Only they decide who the data gets shared with and what data is shared.

The State of Decentralized Identity 2021

The adoption of Decentralized Identity technology, also known as Self-Sovereign Identity, is rampantly growing around the world. In this report we bring you its most notable implementations in different verticals: Government, Banking, Higher Education, Healthcare, Human Resources, Humanitarian Aid and even the Travel Industry.

Creating a future of opportunity through Digital Identity.

There are 1.2 billion people around the world who do not have an identifying document. And who, because of that, are unable to access services such as healthcare, education, banking or find a job. They are forced to live on the fringes of society, at risk of exploitation and trafficking.

Tykn is changing that.

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